Paula Devereaux


Paris, France


Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
Measurements: 32" D gel enhanced, 25", 34" (81-64-86)
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight: 52kg (114lb)


About Paula

This ethereal beauty is a sweet, seductive angel. With her full luscious lips, honey blonde hair and that mischievous glint in her eye, Paula is the kind of woman men dream of. She has a flawless complexion, and a perfectly proportioned physique. Having dinner with her is an experience indeed! Her vivacious nature and lovely sense of humor makes every occasion special.



Well versed in literature and art, she is an assistant museum curator, and speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. Her angelic looks are just the beginning, however. Paula is indeed a pure hearted and lovely young lady. Schooled in high end European establishments, and occasionally tutored privately as she traveled with her parents, she is worldly yet soft and caring.

Despite her intelligence and privilege, she is quite natural and genuine, with the ability to be kind and gracious to people of all walks of life. Whether attending a friend's cookout, or a black tie celebrity event, Paula always looks stunning. How could she not, with that gorgeous fresh peaches and cream complexion?

As a dinner companion, Paula is delightful. Attentive and contributing her charming comments in that soft, sexy voice, she is exactly the kind of woman you want to sit with you on a special evening.



Paula was born in Lyon, and has traveled all over the world. She was educated in Paris and London, and her love of history and culture led her to her fascination with all things archaic. Antiques and relics delight her. Indeed, she has entered the right career path for her!  She now resides in Geneva.



Like any proper, elegant French lady, Paula is extremely polite and socially appropriate. She has the typical French gift of style, and is entirely delightful to spend time with. From her perfectly groomed hair, to her perfumed thighs, to her polished pink toes, she is just lovely.

Her friendly nature attracts her to team sports, but she definitely enjoys zoning out with some loud music while she runs or dances. She enjoys skiing and is always delighted to visit vineyards. A wine tasting tour through the Loire Valley would be right up her alley.

Paula likes to leave a good impression wherever she goes, so she is always going out of her way to do little extra special kindnesses for others. She truly is a beautiful soul, wrapped in a beautiful body. Smart, experienced in business, fit, beautiful, loving – what more could a gentleman want?



Paula’s hobbies include antique shopping (of course), and she is utterly fascinated with old castles. She loves to plan trips to the UK to tour all the old castles throughout the area. Paula also enjoys travelling (again, of course), and is a bit of a wine connoisseur. Why not? Sensational wine is one of the staples of a fine Parisian table. Such a delightful young woman, please arrange an appointment with her now, before she moves on.


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