Nicola Cavanagh


London, UK/ Worldwide


Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
Measurements: 32" C natural, 23", 33" (81-58-84)
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)


About Nicola

Another of one our leggy blonde supermodels, Nicola's refined, elegant poise makes her a perfect example of an elite model-companion. Whether you're visiting or a local, having this long legged angel on your arm is sure to brighten your day and boost your reputation! An accomplished editorial model, her sense of humor is acute, and her sharp mind can keep with any innuendo you care to throw her way. Always stylishly presented, Nicola is stunning. With that certain 'presence' and charisma, all eyes are on her when she enters a room. Whether it's her height or her aura, she is always noticed for her style and elegance; though never conspicuous. However her humble nature and friendly persona puts people at ease quickly. Her smile is constant, and her first instinct is to assume the best of others. She loves animals too - could she be any more wonderful?!



Raised in a upper class area of West London, and educated at the finest institutions, refined Nicola fell into modeling when her mother was approached by a talent scout during an outing. Her long legged proportions got attention even then, at 10 years old. She was a natural, and before long she was gracing teen magazine pages and runways with the best of them. Naturally slender, she does not starve herself to maintain her weight or physique, and she has always said if her body begins to change, she will simply move into another field.



A smart cookie, Nicola has been saving, and while she does enjoy the odd vacation or shopping day, she is planning to open her own image consultancy firm for models and modern girls. Perhaps she'll add a charm and etiquette school in there too; God knows society needs that more than ever now.. Nicola is currently working towards that, and we're honored to have her with us, however temporarily. She's the tenacious kind of girl who is not afraid of working long hours, and will do what she has to, (within reason), to achieve her goals.



A wonderful dinner date or social event companion, Nicola is endearing to everyone; her kindness and politeness is just so appealing and authentic. Extremely complimentary and sweet, people seem to easily like and love her. She seems to sail through life on a cloud of positivity - nothing really upsets her too much, and she's always positive, effervescent and enthusiastic.


Hobbies & Leisure

Nicola practices Pilates to not only keep her lovely physique in shape, but to maintain her flexibility. She also enjoys walking, and any time she has to travel for work, long walks are her method of relaxation and tourism! She loves traveling, and enjoys many types of food. She does however, prefer a mostly vegetarian based diet. Partly for health, and partly due to her love of animals. Speaking English and French, this leggy sweetheart can be on your arm for your next event or evening out. Contact us now to arrange an appointment in this fun, stunning girl's schedule.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.




Please contact us to arrange an invitation. We will quote you directly.
Nicola's fees begin at GBP4300 in the UK, and E4500 for 4 hours in Europe.
Bookings in USA begin at US7000 for 4 hours.



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