Natalie Hayden


London UK / New York USA -  International travel companion.
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Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
Measurements: 34" B natural, 25", 35" (86-63-88)
Height: 5' 9" (175cm)
Weight: 52kg (115lbs)


About Natalie

If you're looking for a truly elegant and elite young woman with whom to enjoy your time, honey blonde Natalie is a lovely choice, given her privileged background and extremely high end, warm-hearted nature. Careful and professional, once she is relaxed with you she is the perfect travel buddy. This upmarket Canadian-Swiss dinner escort and travel companion is a wonderful addition to our stable of elite courtesans. Natalie's all-natural look and style will charm the gentleman who appreciates un-manipulated beauty. Her ever-present smile and high minded intelligence will suit the very sophisticated gentleman seeking a mental connection. Her international lifestyle and upbringing also adds to her eclectic and fascinating personality. Sociable and attentive, you will always feel the center of attention when fascinating Natalie is beside you. Feedback for her company is exceptional.



Confident, sensual and feminine, this fair young lady is very interested in people, and can be quite intense in her desire to connect with them and understand them. Her multiple languages assist her in doing that worldwide. Natalie is extremely well traveled, and her calm, easy going nature makes her a perfect travel companion. She possesses charming manners and always likes to display class and elegance in everything she does. Her high standards extend to her gracious conduct and kind treatment of others. She can offer you a very intelligent conversation on almost any topic, or simply while away some time being playful and silly. A very self assured and quite sexy woman, Natalie's sky-blue eyes can sometimes seem to pierce right through you, as her soul longs to connect with yours. She also loves hanging out with girls, so couples are welcome.



This is one area where Natalie excels. She loves designer clothing and is a fashion devotee. Her outfits are always elegant and stylish - she can always put a great look together for any occasion. With immaculate attention to detail and a desire to always look and smell her best, certainly spending time with this young angel is far from difficult! On the contrary, whether cute, stylish, sophisticated or casual, you may find yourself falling in love with this enchanting beauty. Perfectly suited to black tie events, she is also fairly comfortable in more casual surroundings - an afternoon on your yacht will never be sneezed at. ;)



Of privileged background and upbringing, Natalie was educated in Europe, mostly Switzerland and lives between Switzerland, Canada and UK. Her substantial grasp of multiple languages speaks to her international lifestyle. (English, French and Italian being just a few of her fluent tongues). Not only affluent, but extremely close and loving, her family life was a source of great comfort and support to Natalie in her youth, and their ability to offer her the finest opportunities in life has really given her the advantage to follow her love of academia. However don't fall for the assumption that she is in any way 'stuck up'. With such high education, it is impossible for one to be anything but gracious and mannerly, and Natalie is no exception. She is attentive to her health within reason, and loves all manner of different foods. She is ever so grateful for gifts; not for the value of the gift so much as the fact that you thought of her. :)   Secretly romantic and all-woman, your time with Natalie will be unforgettable.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.



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