Lyndsay Humphries


Los Angeles, USA/ SFO/ Seattle


Vital Statistics

Age: 23 yrs
Measurements: 32" B natural, 25", 33" (81-64-84)
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Weight: 53kg (116lb)


About Lyndsay

A beautiful and confident commercial model, West Coast beauty Lyndsay is a bright, enjoyable, educated companion Her upbringing has afforded her the chance to achieve the finest education, despite constant interruptions from her modeling career. Working since the age of 14 as a commercial model, under her family's watchful eye, it is an understatement to say athletic Lyndsay has a good working knowledge of the modeling industry. She has achieved a very comfortable income during her time as a model, but as much as she loves it, she knows she can't do it forever, and has aspirations for much higher and longer-lasting achievements!



Lyndsay's background begins with her birth in Richmond Virginia. Raised in the cozy little picturesque suburb, enjoying a protected and wholesome childhood, Lyndsay always had aspirations for a more exciting life. After finishing her schooling, she moved clear across the country to attend Princeton, then back the other way to settle in beautiful LA. She has always seen her work as a stepping stone to her future.



As mentioned, Lyndsay's modelling career fulfills her immensely, but she is aware she will not be able to model indefinitely. As such, her dream of opening her own model agency has come to light. With an aversion to owing money, she prefers to make and save her own, to fund her dreams. Hence her call to me to consider joining our agency. After a couple of meetings with her, I was convinced that she was an enjoyable addition to our elite stable.



Lyndsay is not exactly a gym junkie, but she does spend a lot of time on that treadmill. She enjoys a good run, with headphones on, blasting the world out. She follows that with some weights, and her perfect, willowy physique remains in perfect shape. Combined with her healthy eating, she maintains a fantastic body and beautiful complexion.



A very friendly and fun loving girl, Lyndsay is interested in art, literature, wines and travel. She is a bit of a Francophile, enjoying good French cheese and wine. Her fondest memories are of her time spent in France, shopping in Paris, touring vineyards in the Loire, Antiquing in Lyon.. (I know, I'm not one of those people for whom 'antique' is a verb either, but there it is.) - Take her to France for the weekend or the week, and she will be yours!

Lyndsay has a surprisingly tender heart under her confident exterior, and is quick to smile and make peace. She prefers natural products where possible, is a vegetarian (animal rights!) and is quite a romantic when all is said and done. She loves a chivalrous man who opens doors for her and helps her downstairs. Are you her knight in shining armor, to take her out for a night of romance..? :-)  Contact us now to arrange some time with this special, captivating model.


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Age: 23 yrs
Measurements: 32″ C gel enhanced, 24″, 34″ (81-61-86)
Height: 5′ 9″ (175cm)
Weight: 51kg