Lena Von Brandt


Berlin, Germany
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Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
Measurements: 34" D natural, 25", 35" (92-65-94)
Height: 5' 7" (167cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)


About Lena 

Feminine and well traveled, beautiful Lena is the epitome of the ideal girlfriend experience from Berlin, available worldwide. With her graceful blonde elegance, beautiful angel-face, magical blue eyes and confident warmth - her company is extremely comforting and enjoyable. Very friendly and amicable, coupled with her immaculate presentation, your time with Lena will be mesmerizing.



Born and raised in Germany, this cosmopolitan city girl has traveled extensively, and is always at home in any international city. She is well bred, from a privileged, conservative family. Living a very protected, wholesome 'Heidi' style childhood, as Lena grew up she longed for adventure, so left her calm home life to study and experience the world. She loves to travel, and this is one of many reasons why Lena makes a superb travel companion. She has been exposed to all manner of art, literature, social etiquette and music. She enjoys orchestras and choirs immensely.


Education & Personality

Lena's adventurous and curious nature makes her a wonderful dinner date, because she's always genuinely interested in you. She loves meeting new people, and is a captivating date to have in your presence. Her elegance, grace and sweet attentions will make you feel like the luckiest man on earth. Well educated (Switzerland and Germany), she currently splits her time between commercial/ catalogue modeling and tutoring teens. Her manners are impeccable, and her poise is unmistakable. Lena is accustomed to the finer things, and enjoys luxurious surroundings. However she can still enjoy a more relaxed environment, with the right person. Those gentlemen who like to spoil someone, will find a very appreciative companion in Lena. However she never expects gifts or tips. She won't love you any less if you don't bring a gift, she's simply a very grateful girlfriend if you do go out of your way to spoil her. :)


Hobbies & Leisure

Multi-lingual, Lena likes to keep in shape, and is very active and outdoors-oriented. She's energetic and exciting whether playing tennis, on the slopes, or at equestrian activities. She  believes in Karma, and as such her life philosophy is all about honesty, respect, and positivity. And she likes to work out daily, where possible. Skiing is always a favorite in Winter, too. Lena enjoys Italian/ Mediterranean cuisine most, and is utterly captivating company. Contact us now to arrange an appointment to meet this exciting, beautiful young woman.

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