Kristen Schaeffer

Red Diamond

Vital Statistics

Age: 25

Height: 5’8” (174cm)

Physique: 35C, 25, 36


Sweet golden angel, what a ray of sunshine. With a very beautiful face, Kristen’s cheerful disposition and warm smile make her instantly irresistible.

Ambitious without being greedy, she was raised in the wholesome family farm environment of the Netherlands. Transitioning quickly into modeling once she was in her teens, she finished her degree in communications, and moved to Amsterdam where she continues modeling.

Kristen admires motivated people who are driven to succeed. She also deeply appreciates loyalty, tenacity and positivity.

Glowing with health and happiness, she has a young Giselle Bundchen air about her, with young Cameron Diaz blend. This blue-eyed blonde is an absolute pleasure. Kristen loves designer shoes, and adores French and Italian cuisines, as well as light Mediterranean dishes.

You may fall in love with this fluent multilingual goddess, who works out often and is a very sensitive, loving person. A mysterious mermaid, eternally feminine, you mustn’t miss this gorgeous leggy nymph, beautiful inside and out. Contact us now to arrange an invitation.

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