Juliet Fontaine



Brussels, Belgium - Available Worldwide
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Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
Measurements: 36" C natural, 26", 35" (90-61-87)
Height: 5' 9" (176cm)
Weight: 54kg (112lb)


About Juliet

Refined and graceful, with a delightful Belgian heritage, gorgeous Juliet will definitely bring a smile to your face. Feminine and elegant in every way, Juliet has a science background, focusing on biology and nutrition. Her warm and well mannered nature is instantly welcoming, and her honey-brunette looks are a comforting, pleasant sight. Charming and alluring, Juliet's eyes will be the first thing you notice about her- a mesmerizing sea of green. Multi-lingual, light hearted and positive, her energy is extremely attractive and captivating. Sportive and extremely feminine, Juliet loves life, and enjoys meeting equally interesting, intelligent people for idea-sharing and philosophizing in general. :)  She oozes loving care and kindness.



Juliet was a self-professed nerd who has blossomed into a truly beautiful, intelligent young woman. Her studies in health care, body science and biology have taken her into sports science. She is heavily involved in research, and plans to eventually move into high end representation for beneficial medical companies. She's passionate about her work, and practices what she preaches. Health and fitness are high on her agenda. Entirely feminine and charming, Juliet will go far professionally.



Honesty and kindness are important to Juliet. She is feminine and gentle, confident yet sweet. She likes to live and let live with her open minded nature, and does not judge others.  She considers respect a priority, and is always polite and considerate to others. Her warm voice, friendly eyes and welcoming smile can put anyone at ease. She's a very caring listener, and is fascinated by other people's  lives, thoughts and ideas. Curious, expressive and well rounded, Juliet is the consummate girlfriend.



Belgian by birth, this lovely darling with the striking green eyes was raised with a very intellectual approach. Wanting only the best for her, Juliet's parents provided opportunities for her to study additional topics, and instilled a love of reading, dance and fitness in her. She excelled in her dancing and gymnastics as a young girl, and enjoyed a balanced and happy childhood. She truly loves people, and is an absolute pleasure with whom to spend time. She is energetic, creative, serene and elegant. Her mind and her eyes are appealing; she's a truly mannerly and proper lady.



Juliet loves fitness. She enjoys Yoga several times a week, and of course food, travel and languages appeal to her. Not one for pointless small talk, you can enjoy a truly intellectual discussion with beautiful Juliet. Obviously general health and nutrition interest her, and her commitment to finding a better way for humans to exist and be healthy, makes her a thoughtful and interesting companion. She has a fun sense of humor, a mischievous twinkle in her eye sometimes, and is altogether charming and unforgettable. Juliet thoroughly enjoys French and Mediterranean cuisines, and whisking her gorgeous tanned body off to a new location will delight her. Her deep beautiful eyes, loving smile and kind heart endears her to everyone. Spend some time with Juliet for a fun, inventive and unforgettable experience. Contact us now to invite her to dinner or on vacation.


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