Heidi LaBelle


New York City, USA (Available throughout USA and Worldwide)


Vital Statistics

Age: 32 yrs
Measurements: 34" B natural, 24", 35" (90 - 62 - 90)
Height: 5' 9" (178cm)
Weight: 55kg (114lb)


About Heidi

This elegantly poised, lithe young woman provides such serene and beautiful company, you'll really understand the meaning of class. Her Swedish heritage no doubt has a lot to do with her innate elite level of manners and style. A part time model since she was young, this free spirited beauty has lived in NYC for 14 years, so she is far from 'foreign' any longer. Her background in design gives her a unique creativity. A striking statuesque beauty, smooth skinned Heidi is reliable, level headed and charming. Time spent with Heidi is exceptionally enjoyable and entertaining.



Born and raised in a beautiful little town in North Sweden, Heidi enjoyed the wholesome and picturesque upbringing of her namesake. However, as much as she loved her family and little town, she longed for more. More excitement, more opportunities, more achievement. She felt claustrophobic. So after school, she left her village and moved to the big city - what a culture shock! With such a free spirit and open mind, she reveled in her new found freedom, and continued her higher education and modeling. Initially in Milano, she then moved to NYC and found her home. With all the wonderful opportunities available to her, Heidi made good use of her time and has accomplished a great deal of her dreams. However more travel and further business development remains high on her list of goals - she's still young with so much more to achieve! If you're interested in assisting lovely Heidi to reach her goals, a lovely dinner date or weekend away will be the perfect way to donate, and get to know her at the same time. :)


Already accomplished in the modeling world and moving forward, Heidi has moved into the fashion side of the industry she loves so much, and is working on designing a range. Her Masters Degree in Fashion design, together with her multilingual skills and immense amount of travel, have opened doors for her to allow her to pursue her goals in superb style. She was drawn to companionship because she now has time to smell the roses, and loves meeting new people. In addition to the income, which is frankly secondary, she is a deeply caring and attentive lady, and loves to enjoy mutually pleasant dates with like-minded individuals of class and style. Those mesmerizing blue-green eyes go a long way to making her irresistible. Expect to be thoroughly charmed when Heidi is around you.




Confident yet thoughtful and kind, the witty and cheeky Heidi is a refined yet approachable, authentic woman. She values life experience; one finds oneself in one's travels! She's open minded and respects those who are also tolerant and loving. Kindness and family score highly on her list of priorities, and making her way through the world by giving as much as she receives is her ideal. Heidi was a very relaxed and serene energy, with an interesting nature and comforting persona. She's quite a fascinating and enjoyable companion, and will no doubt surprise you with the many facets of her personality. Able to have fun but always tasteful, she is the perfect combination of all things good.


Hobbies & Leisure

From art galleries to live bands, from picnics to state dinners, from sexy jeans and shirt to designer evening gowns - Heidi adapts to almost any occasion or atmosphere easily, with class and elegance. Her preference is smart casual, and she is always perfectly presented. She likes to keep fit and eat well. She doesn't enjoy red meat, and prefers seafood. A Mediterranean diet suits her perfectly, with lots of fish, vegetable and salad. Her glowing skin is testament to her wholesome lifestyle. Her long legs are certainly conducive to any kind of dancing, hiking, strolling through vip events, lazing by the pool... ;)  A quintessential Swedish blonde, you can savor a most memorable and sparkling evening with this impressive model. Particularly suited to the refined gentleman of European style and high standards. Don't postpone meeting this exquisite lithe beauty. Contact us now to book a date with gorgeous Heidi.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.


US $

4 hours$5200
6 hours$7500
12 hours$9500
24 hours$12,000
48 hours$15,500
3 days$18,000
7 days$25,000
14 days$35,000
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