Hannah Dobrowski


London/ Paris - Available worldwide


Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 32" C natural, 25", 34" (88-60-96)
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight: 51kg (114lb)


About Hannah

With her natural beauty and fresh, carefree attitude, you could be mistaken for thinking Hannah is on permanent vacation, or living some kind of charmed celebrity life. No, she is simply a lighthearted and positive soul, always cheerful and kind. (Looking at that in the mirror every day, no wonder!) :)  While she is an accomplished model of VIP status, (she is the face of a product throughout Europe, and an accomplished commercial model) this seems to have little affect on her ambitions and attitude; it's just something she does for now. And she loves every moment. This honey-blonde's femininity and big soft eyes make you melt, She's impossibly beautiful and has lovely long legs. With the style and grace of an old-time movie-star, Hannah has a presence that makes her quite irresistible to most men - and puts others into a state of nervousness! With a sweet and fun nature, she is looking to enjoy life while she is young and unfettered, and loves traveling. This makes her a superb choice for a travel companion.



With Russian and British heritage, she was born and raised initially in Russia, however with her diplomat father, the family traveled extensively throughout Europe. She has fond memories of her grandparents, with whom she spent a lot of time as a child. With a close family and a solid upbringing, her manners are impeccable. She is poised and elegant, and always beautifully presented. Probably due to her private schooling and her time in the modeling industry, no doubt. Stepping straight from the pages of a glossy magazine, into your life, you will wonder what you ever did to be blessed with the adorable company of this angel.



Hannah's field of study is a little specialized; we'll leave it to her to share with you, but suffice it to say that she will be in a prime position to help people, something she thoroughly enjoys. This is a young woman who loves animals, children, and people in general. She is open hearted and truly endearing, both inside and out. For the time being however, she is enjoying her travels, and the modeling career which supports it. When she leaves the glamour world to concentrate on her career, she intends to give 100%, so now is her time to have some fun, see the world and enjoy the wonderful opportunities that youth and beauty afford her.



This beautiful girl's energy is intoxicating. Her zest for life and excitement over things she enjoys is wonderful. Seeing her big blue eyes light up as she talks about something she loves... One could be forgiven for falling quite in love with her, without warning. Hannah's warm, loving heart makes her the perfect GFE, as she has a true compassion for others. She is confident yet gentle, outgoing yet mysterious, feminine yet strong. A true enigma, you may never really figure her out - and that's the very thing that makes her so impossible to resist! While one is tempted to describe her as a bouncing blonde cherub with a halo glowing above her lol, she is rather more refined and sophisticated than to be referred to as 'bouncy'. Her serene, fresh beauty causes one to pause. The world slows down and she emerges in slow motion into your field of vision. Truly, she's quite breathtaking. Give her a little luxury and she will reward you with the warmest friendship you can imagine.


Hobbies & Leisure

Travel. Travel galore! Hannah loves new adventures, seeing new places, even new experiences in old places, meeting new people, tasting new cuisines. She is an eternal seeker of knowledge and is still young enough to be fascinated by the world. Anything to do with children or animals delights her, and while she may come across as a silly little thing with her apparent innocence, she is not so. She has a serious, level headed side which is curious and attentive, and which loves to absorb and learn from the newness she sees. She's very sensual, and every sound, flavor, sight and texture is absorbed fully. One needn't be 'ditzy' in order to love baby animals and butterflies. ;)   Quite intelligent under her golden femininity, she will no doubt go far in her career, for which she holds two degrees. Quite the humanitarian also, Hannah's love of people goes far beyond her immediate family, friends, or the generous gentlemen with whom she spends her free time. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with this incredibly beautiful model and activist.


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