Freya Von Lille


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome and Vienna


Vital Statistics

Measurements: 32″ B natural, 23″, 32″ (90 – 60 – 90)
Height: 5′ 8″ (173cm)
Weight: 50kg (114lb)


About Freya

A vivacious yet gentle young woman, Freya is an intelligent and accomplished businesswoman. Rather than following the usual route of university and career, she has been an entrepreneur since she was young. With a portfolio of real estate all over the world, Freya’s jet set, perpetual vacation style life is intoxicating.

She’s always relaxed, friendly and cheerful – no wonder! Elegant and free-spirited, Freya loves harmony, luxury, and beauty. She’s living the perfect life for her ideal.  The only thing missing sometimes is wonderful companionship. So when she approached us to become a travel companion, I was instantly intrigued.

She has the life experience and breeding to accommodate any business or social function. With a stunning glow and a light ‘purity’ about her, Freya is the quintessential blue eyed blonde. Playful yet thoughtful, carefree yet compassionate, spontaneous yet grounded.. What a fascinating young woman.


Background & Personality

Freya’s Nordic family, raised in Germany, consisted of mostly males, so she has a rather unique insight into the male psyche, and revels in her femininity even more. This environment has allowed her to build quite a natural and confident nature, and a great sense of humor, which is one of her most endearing points. She abounds with energy, and her bright cheerful eyes and quick smile will always bring sunshine into your day.

Positive and enthusiastic (without being annoying), she has quite a vivacious energy, and is such a pleasure with whom to spend time. Smart, beautiful, successful, fit and friendly – what more could anyone want in a companion? Freya traveled a lot with her family as a child, so she is very well traveled and well rounded. She has lived in many countries and is a breath of fresh air indeed.

Her confidence and independence do not overshadow her warm, attentive nature and pleasantly tinkling laughter. Freya loves the water, so you can often find her lounging on a yacht or on the deck of a pool – casual bikini is her comfort zone whenever she’s out of her gorgeous evening attire.


Ambitions & Education

As mentioned, Freya prefers to follow her natural talents and business instincts rather than waste years at university for a piece of paper, which ultimately these days promises nothing. ;)  She now possesses a wonderful property portfolio, and has been living her dream life. She’s far from uneducated; she just prefers niche courses she can build on, not years of in-depth study. How much study is really required to be a free-spirited, carefree, successful software developer and real estate mogul? :)

Freya is already living her dream, she’s already attained most of her goals. Looking forward, her ambitions involve building on her international property collection and perhaps doing some light study in the field of psychology. Just for fun, no career intended. She just finds people fascinating, and behavioral psychology would be a perfect way to funnel that curiosity into ways she might potentially assist others. A little psych background never hurts one’s business endeavors, either. ;)


Hobbies & Leisure

Freya is a definite hedonist. She’s the perfect lounging mate on your luxury yacht, and will make any relaxation time enjoyable. Freya is the girl you see floating in the clear ocean off some tropical island. If she weren’t so intelligent, I may describe her as a Barbie type, but she has far more substance and is far more grounded than that. Freya loves all manner of cuisines, thanks to her amazing travels. Italian, Thai, Balinese, French, German – she will be happy almost anywhere.

She enjoys hot yoga and walking to maintain her incredible long legged physique. One would expect her to be a commercial model, but that’s just another predictable route she decided against – and Freya is anything but predictable or ‘typical’.  She’s fluent in German and English, and a few other languages we’ll let her fill you in on! Exceptionally interesting and rather kind, Freya is certainly memorable.  Contact us now to book some time with this light hearted, caring and free-thinking angel!

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