Celine Pergova


New York USA - Available worldwide
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Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 34" C natural, 25", 34" (86-62-87)
Height: 5' 7" (168cm)
Weight: 53kg (116lb)


About Celine

Thoughtful, captivating, confident, attentive - Celine is a very diligent and talented young artist, currently studying fine arts. Her incredibly flawless complexion and gorgeous blue eyes make her a vision across from which to sit at dinner. Her intelligent opinions and observant, curious mind make her a fascinating companion with whom to enjoy interesting conversations. She's elegant and feminine, and while she's quite outgoing and talkative, she's somehow very gentle and demure at the same time. Could it be her soft, feminine voice? Her slightly bashful body language? Her stimulating, creative mind? Whatever it is, it works, making her irresistible.



From a well-to-do family in Moscow, Celine has grown up in a privileged environment, however her feet are firmly on the ground. Earthy and authentic, you will find this particular princess a thorough delight to get to know. Poised with graceful deportment, Celine has attended boarding schools in Switzerland and Columbus, and is now studying fine art at a prestigious university in New York. As an artist, her view of the world is slightly different to the average person, and this is just one of her many, many charms. She has dreams of completing her masters degree and then advancing her art/ illustrator career.


Ambitions & Personality

As a youngster, she was raised in a small idyllic country town, moving to Moscow when she was a teen. She was therefore gifted with a beautiful nature-filled childhood with wholesome home-cooked food, close family and neighbors, and lots of fresh air. This could be the secret to her incredible fresh beauty... Always artistic and creative, she knew at a very young age she wanted to do something where she could use her wonderful imagination. She is extremely sweet and genuine, with a deeply sensual side. All manner of scents, textures and flavors appeal to her. She appreciates positive energy and open minded, tolerant people. Being a considerate and respectful person herself, she likes similar traits in others. She is close to her family and loves the support they give her. She doesn't trust easily but is very loyal to her closest people. She is however open to meeting new people and exploring new areas of communication.  She's very compassionate to others and  is a truly beautiful soul.


Hobbies & Leisure

Clearly art is high on her list of hobbies and favored ways to waste time! Practice makes perfect, and she is planning to reach the pinnacle of her career in coming years. She enjoys quality food and beverages, luxury is her preferred environment, however she's never elitist or demanding. She will be quite at home on a picnic, just be sure to include champagne and caviar! ; )   This multi-talented angel is multi-lingual, speaking Russian, English and Japanese. Celine eats what she wishes, she just controls her portions. She eats relatively healthy foods, and spends time at the gym and practicing Yoga. As a water sign, she is deeply empathic and sensitive, and appreciates those who are gentle with her. Extremely feminine with a strong exterior, this is a lady whose layers you can spend hours slowly unwrapping. The more you get to know her, the more fascinating she will become. An exciting enigma indeed. What a precious gem. Contact us now to arrange a meeting with this sweet, sweet Darling.


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