Cassandra Cordona


New York City (Available worldwide)
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Vital Statistics

Age: 30 yrs
Measurements: 34" C natural, 24", 34" (88 - 61 - 89)
Height: 5' 7" (169cm)
Weight: 53kg (115lb)


About Cassandra

An elegant, graceful beauty, French Cassandra is a former professional ballerina! Her long legs, poise and sweet loving nature make her a wonderful choice for a dinner companion in New York City. Not only does she have the lovely alluring accent, her warmth and interesting life experience means conversation is never dull! :)  She's very feminine with lovely manners, and holds herself to high principles. Fit and energetic, yet composed and sweet, Cassandra is a lovely dinner date or travel companion. With soulful eyes, she's respectful and caring, playful and mischievous at once. Cassandra values honesty and manners, and we're delighted to include her in our elite collection wonderful women!


Upbringing & Background

Cassandra grew up in Paris, and was raised to be a well presented and elegant young lady. She and her siblings were encouraged to enjoy a sportive lifestyle, and she still enjoys an active and energetic lifestyle today. She loved her school years, and remains close with her family. She recalls family holidays throughout Europe, and enjoyed a loving home. Surrounded by the lovely beauty of Paris and Mediterranean vacations, Cassandra blossomed into a lovely, kind young lady, aware of beauty and compassion. She has a great appreciation for beauty, and finds proper social etiquette important. Independent and ambitious, without being arrogant or calculating, Cassandra is outgoing and gentle, friendly and interesting.


Ambitions & Education

With her degree in design and love of beauty, Cassandra dreams of opening her own interior design and decorating company one day. Her lovely taste in  fashion and talent for putting outfits together speaks to her creativity and skill in creating aesthetically beautiful results. She will no doubt continue to inspire great visual pleasure in those with whom she comes into contact.


Hobbies & Leisure

As a professional classic dancer, Cassandra likes to keep  fit, and spends a good amount of time running and swimming. She's slim and lithe, and enjoys learning about new topics, and getting to know others. A fascinating and exceptionally attentive companion, you'll find Cassandra most adorable as you get to know her.  Contact us now to book some time with this feminine sweetheart.



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