Caitlyn Archer


Dubai, UAE (Available worldwide)
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Vital Statistics

Age: 26 yrs
Measurements: 36" C natural, 25", 37" (84 - 61 - 88)
Height: 5' 9" (179cm)
Weight: 56kg (123lb)


About Caitlyn

Expect to meet a most delightful and elegant young lady when you book time with Caitlyn. Well traveled and refined with European style, this utterly delightful model will leave you entirely charmed and captivated. Regardless of her flawless looks, she has a substance and depth that is reassuring for the gentleman seeking high quality. Despite her free spirit, Caitlyn is particularly poised and mannered. From modeling to event promotions to outdoor activities, this lady's talents are many.Time spent with bewitching Caitlyn is most memorable.


Birthplace & Heritage

Of German heritage, Caitlyn was born in Germany, then raised between Germany and South America. She's also lived in Spain and Miami for her studies, so she is quite the international, cosmopolitan Miss! She enjoyed a privileged upbringing within a political environment, and was in fact a beautiful love-child! Although much younger than her siblings, she was doted on and adored, and remains very close with her family, despite her wanderlust. Caitlyn is a true free spirit and loves to visit new places and have new adventures. With a love of all things intellectual, she has a deep sense of morality; loyalty, honesty and respect are important to her. Very well bred with excellent high education, she enjoys wonderful conversations and connecting with people on a mental level. Always at home in a high society atmosphere, Caitlyn can be relied upon for discretion and poise at all times.




Caitlyn dreams of opening her own marketing and promotion firm. While she continues to model for now, she's eager to continue building her empire; and with her intelligence, common sense and charm, it is unlikely she'll fail. Ambitious yet not 'driven', she is delightfully resolute in her goals, and yet still makes time to smell the roses along the way. A superb date for anyone with even the slightest interest in business, Caitlyn may impress you with her analytical skills.


Language & Personality

Multi-lingual (German, English, Spanish & French), Caitlyn can fit comfortably into almost any situation. She maintains her fitness with gym sessions and yoga classes. She's incredibly charming and alluring, with eyes that see everything; it's pretty difficult to fool this refined little vixen.. And who would want to? She makes men want to protect her and provide for her, but never deceive her. With her long honey-brown hair, and warm, deep doe-eyes, she's quite irresistible. While she requires income to maintain her lifestyle and reach her goals, she's not driven by a desire for money as such. She has far too much class for that. Her femininity, caring nature and ability to captivate your mind, taking you far, far away from your troubles, is what will have you resisting the compulsion to fall in love with her.


Hobbies & Leisure

Caitlyn is very active, and enjoys all manner of outdoor activities. Tennis, equestrian, beach-games, water skiing, surfing - you name it. It must be quite distracting to concentrate on one's balance when water-skiing next to this incredible beauty! She loves food, (don't you love a woman with a healthy appetite?!) and while her favorite cuisines include Italian/ Mediterranean and Mexican, she loves all kinds of food - especially with a little spice! This exceptional young lady is an unforgettable date, whether as your travel companion or brief dinner date. You'll still be thinking of Caitlyn long after you bid each other a fond farewell. Contact us now to book some time with this sensational, charming beauty.



Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.

Bookings in USA/ Middle East:

US $

4 hours$7000
6 hours$10,000
12 hours$13,000
24 hours$16,000
48 hours$18,500
3 days$23,000
7 days$30,000
14 days$40,000


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