Brittany Solaris


Los Angeles / Arizona, USA (Available throughout USA and Worldwide)


Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 34" B natural, 25", 34" (89 - 60 - 89)
Height: 5' 5" (167cm)
Weight: 50kg (110lb)


About Brittany

This exquisitely beautiful and elegant young lady is absolutely delightful company. Eternally feminine and loving, she has a gentle softness under her social poise, making her incredibly endearing and appealing. A well educated paralegal, She is an animal lover with a deeply compassionate, sensitive soul. Seeking some understanding and sympathy? This is your perfect date. The lovely Brittany has a PhD is tender loving care. :)  Her petite stature and lovely proportions perfectly compliment her stunning features. One look in those deep, seductive eyes, and you will be hooked. Take this delightful young lady to dinner or on vacation to be utterly and completely mesmerized and captivated. Her surname hints at the warmth and bright light emanating from this beautiful soul. With gentle positive energy and a non-demanding, non-confrontational presence, you can expect a very comfortable and revitalizing experience with beautiful Brittany.



Born and raised in the USA (West Coast), Brittany has Mexican heritage, and one can see immediately in her demeanor and manner than she is very well bred. Social niceties and proper etiquette are not lost on this beauty. She has traveled throughout USA, Mexico and parts of Europe. She is fluent in English and of course Spanish, and possesses the renowned Spanish passion. She completed her studies at an Ivy League in California, and moved over to Arizona to stay close to family. She spends her time between her bases in LA and Arizona. She is available to visit you anywhere through the USA or Europe, and she is certainly a delightful gift to arrive at your door! Brittany was raised with excellent morals and values.


With her deep love of animals, Brittany dreams of moving into her legal career in the way of protecting animals and the unfortunate, and prosecuting those who violate their innocent rights. Everyone knows animal lovers are pure of heart, and Brittany is no different. With her passion and drive, she will no doubt go on to save and protect thousands of lives, God bless her. While her goals obviously include maintaining some quality of lifestyle, Brittany's passions run much deeper than income. Here is a woman of genuine substance, whose values surpass shallow money making. Yes we need money to survive, it gives us choices. And that income will facilitate furthering her work with animals and the unfortunate. If anyone deserves a little financial support, it's this sweetheart. And with her angelic company, it's a pleasure to donate!



Brittany is confident and poised, but very non-judgmental and gentle of spirit. She is deeply humanitarian, and also quite compassionate to the plight of those in need. While she's not naive by any means, she's certainly very caring and kind. She values family immensely, and relies heavily on her acute intuition to guide her. Her view of life is very tolerant, with lots of grey areas that she understands innately. Kindness will impress her, and good treatment of / respect for everyone. Her company ios sparkling yet tranquil, like diving into a deep, clear lake.. Peaceful, deep, with great hidden strength. What a wonderful woman. And those impossibly high cheekbones, long legs and deep, sensual eyes.. You may find yourself falling in love. Nobody would blame you. This is precisely the kind of feminine angel that men tend to fall in love with. And what a wonderful ride through dreamland it is, to be in love with such a kind, loving soul. Fascinating.


Hobbies & Leisure

Brittany is a woman of endless facets. She enjoys all manner of eclectic activities and hobbies. She enjoys keeping fit, yet loves to potter in her home. She loves art, culture, music, yet she also enjoys a wide range of them. She loves seafood and Mexican cuisine of course, but is ultimately a food lover in general. Watch her delicately absorb an entire dish with such elegant gusto, you'll wonder where she put it all in her tiny body. Brittany loves to travel, and loves coming home. She loves to meet people, and loves time alone. This is a woman you will rarely become bored with. The more you get to know her, the more you will realize you know only the tip of the iceberg. Meet this exquisite little ray of sunshine as soon as possible for dinner, or a wonderful weekend away. Contact us now to book a date with beautiful, friendly Brittany.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.


Bookings in USA/ Middle East:

US $

4 hours$5200
6 hours$7500
12 hours$9500
24 hours$12,000
48 hours$15,500
3 days$18,000
7 days$25,000
14 days$35,000


Bookings in Europe:


4 hours€4500
6 hours€5500
12 hours€7000
24 hours€8500
48 hours€12.000
3 days€15,000
7 days€29.000
14 days€40.000
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