Audrey Bannerman


Texas, USA (Available worldwide)
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Vital Statistics

Age: 18 yrs
Measurements: 32" C natural, 25", 32" (80 - 61 - 80)
Height: 5' 6" (172cm)
Weight: 50kg (110lb)


About Audrey

While she is biologically young, Audrey is a bona fide 'Old Soul'. Warm, mature minded, poised and thoughtful, there is only the smallest trace of her age, in the fact that she hasn't had a chance to travel as much as she'd like to. She's certainly not the 'party' type, like so many of her age group. (We don't work with that type of lady in any case..) No, Audrey is a very smart young lady. Intelligent and well bred, yet fun and humorous. Her eyes are intense and very welcoming. Studious, level headed and loving, her lovely eyes smile when she looks at you. Having completed her pre-law, she is finding herself attracted to the sporting world. No doubt due to her love of action and exercise. Energetic and athletic, this adorable sweet angel will bring a breath of fresh air into your life, and surprise you with how knowledgeable she is! Extremely pretty with a willowy slender physique, Audrey is serious about her fitness, running daily and eating well.


Upbringing & Background

Raised in a rather wholesome country environment in Texas, she recalls wonderful memories of playing with horses and cows. With all that open space, she grew her love of running. Her family then moved to the city, and would commute between the city house and country farmhouse regularly. With a close and very moral family core, she remains close with her family. Although she considers herself a cosmopolitan city girl, Audrey retains the lovely warm, authentic nature of a girl with country morals. Elegant and rather cute, this dear little honey-blonde will have you smiling from ear to ear with her refreshing opinions and analyses.


Ambitions & Education

Audrey has goals of representing sporting personalities in the future, in some legal capacity. This combines her two loves, law and sports. She's spent all her Summers earning extra credits, and has excelled as a result. She has completed her pre-law credentials and is studying Sports Science, in order to thoroughly understand the field. However don't assume because she is studious and intelligent, that she is boring. On the contrary, her bright nature and positive energy will delight you, and her conversation and cheeky wit will have you warming to her quickly. Compassionate in her ambitions, Audrey is sure to go far in life.


Hobbies & Leisure

Apart from her love of knowledge, and outdoor fitness activities Audrey enjoys Italian/ Mediterranean cuisines, and shopping of course! Her favorite designers include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Harry Winston for jewels. Oh yes, she must have success on her future with tastes like these ;)  Audrey is a really lovely, well-rounded, well-mannered and well-presented young lady, which any man would be proud to have on his arm or by his side. Endearing, intriguing, captivating, she's just precious. Contact us now to be introduced to the sweet, cute, intelligent Audrey. .



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US $

4 hours$4200
6 hours$5800
12 hours$7000
24 hours$9000
48 hours$11,500
3 days$13,500
7 days$21,000
14 days$35,000
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