Ariana Kasker


Los Angeles USA (Available Worldwide)


Vital Statistics

Age: 23 yrs
Measurements: 34" C nat, 24", 34" (88-62-88)
Height: 5' 6" (165cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)


About Ariana

An extremely talented and warm hearted beauty, elite Swedish escort dinner date Ariana is a modest yet accomplished model, actress, choreographer and dancer, now living in sunny LA. Her fit, slim, all natural physique and kind nature make her the perfect companion for the selective gentleman's dinner date. Having enjoyed being a backup dancer for many famous performers, and appearing in many Oscar-nominated TV shows throughout Europe & USA, her presence is bewitching. Those deep, penetrating eyes and warm innocent smile are irresistible. She has a flawless complexion with perfect, fluent English of course. With her magazine covers and many other accomplishments, her career is built on an impressive body of work at such a young age. Intelligent, patient, feminine and endearing, this lovely young lady's company is fascinating.



While her career demands effervescence and confidence, Ariana's true nature in her own time is poised, engaging and calm. She is extremely caring and interested in people. Her almost innocent wonder at the exciting opportunities in the world is quite cute, given her sophisticated image.  Genuine and surprisingly down to earth, Ariana is certainly a luxury girl. However in the right company, she can be quite at home in a more casual, comfortable environment. Obviously she looks stunning in any presentation, and her unpretentious nature is a breath of fresh air. Holding honesty and authenticity as priorities in her life, this sweet Lovely is wonderful company. Whether at dinner, on your yacht, at a romantic picnic, or attending a VIP event, Ariana will suit the occasion perfectly. She's captivating, with an ever-present smile.


Background & Ambitions

From a successful, loving and strict family, Ariana's manners and conduct reflect her excellent breeding. Respectful, dedicated, observant and considerate, one can see why she is so perfectly suited to a VIP professional career. Her attentive and giving personality have paved the way for her success. With her education in the arts and drama, beautiful Ariana is now considering moving into management in coming years. She loves her work, but is far more fascinated by the behind-the-scenes action! Ambitious yet not cut-throat, her independence and gentle strength will no doubt ensure her success in everything she endeavors.



Travel is very high on Ariana's list of favorites. With a love of the outdoors, swimming, skiing and hiking appeal to her.  While she has minimal experience with classics like opera and literature, and has no real knowledge of wines (since she's not a big drinker), nevertheless talented Ariana's conduct is refined, poised and elegant. She enjoys all different kinds of cuisines and cultures, and has a light, fun sense of humor. You'll most certainly enjoy your time with lovely Ariana, and be left wishing for more time together.  Contact us now to invite this talented beauty to cocktails, dinner or on vacation.


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Measurements: 34″ C nat, 24″, 34″ (88-62-88)
Height: 5′ 6″ (165cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)

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