Annalise Markova


Los Angeles, USA (Available worldwide)
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Vital Statistics

Age: 29 yrs
Measurements: 34" C soft gel enhanced, 25", 35" (88 - 61 - 90)
Height: 5' 7" (173cm)
Weight: 55kg (120lb)


About Annalise

With a slender, athletic physique, Annalise is a sweet and caring young LA escort with captivating green eyes. Intelligent and accomplished in her field of expertise, she is a mathematics whizz and a real estate specialist. However with her loving heart, her true love lies in health care, and she is pursuing her medical degree in addition to her property management and sales. Her endearing accent and flawless complexion make her a favorite for dinner dates; Allow Annalise to escort you to dinner in Los Angeles, or join you as a tour guide or travel companion throughout the US.


Background & Heritage

Annalise has East European heritage, and has enjoyed excellent education and privilege. Moving to LA has been a change of pace for the last 8 years, and she loves it. Well traveled and extremely feminine, this Pisces angel with the ocean in her eyes is from a close family, and she has happy memories of her childhood. She now has family nearby in the USA, so she's not lonely or missing her connections too much. :)   Lovely Annalise loves to help people, and kindness is important to her.


Ambitions & Education

As mentioned, Annalise is currently in property, however is pursuing her true love of medicine, in order to be in a position to help people. She believes health care is an important part of keeping society functional, and enjoys providing positive solutions for people, With her compassionate soul, it's not difficult to see why she prefers caring for people in person as opposed to passing 'deals'. She's ambitious and has big goals, however her true heart is always to provide support and help to others.


Hobbies & Leisure

Speaking English, Hebrew and a slew of Eastern European tongues, Annalise loves Japanese and Italian cuisines. Seafood also captures her palate, and she enjoys being outdoors; gardening, hiking, walking by the sea. She likes animals and enjoys quiet time reading where possible. Her mesmerizing eyes and lovely, wistful presence make her irresistible to most gentlemen. This very sweet, adorable lady is a delightful date, and will certainly leave you feeling light and sunshiny!  Contact us now to book some time with this bewitching angel.


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