Amelie Roussel


Paris, France
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Vital Statistics

Age: 27 yrs
Measurements: 32" C natural, 23", 33" (81-59-85)
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight: 52kg (114lb)


About Amelie

Amelie is a delightfully elegant and vivacious sweetheart, with beautiful sparkling eyes that seem to see into your soul. Her direct gaze is rather disarming to gentlemen; prepare to be captivated! Her warm heart and fun, light nature makes her a wonderful companion for any occasion. While her presentation and grooming are of the utmost importance to her, it never overshadows her investment in herself as a good, gracious person. Extremely intelligent and intellectual, but never boring, this adorable sweetheart is kind, fun loving and caring. She's a perfect example of an elite companion. Refined, all-natural and pretty, she is quickly endearing and alluring.


Birthplace & Profession

Born and educated in France, Amelie's childhood was loving and balanced, due to her wise upbringing. Her sense of self and survival seems to have sprung from this. While she was afforded the very best in education and living, she grew into quite an independent young lady. She was a studious child, (and remains so, earning her PhD in Biology), and has reaped the rewards in her adult life. She likes luxury, and always loves to enjoy financial freedom, but never too extravagantly. Her dream is to move into biological research. While her scientific mind is perfect for her career, her thoughtful opinions and fascinating anecdotes make her a superb companion.



Amelie is a very loving, warm hearted lady with an affectionate nature. Warming quickly to people, she appreciates loyalty and respects kindness. She's rather empathetic and compassionate, and is a wonderful conversationalist. Her beautiful hazel eyes and smoldering fresh looks compliment her bright lovely nature perfectly. Sweet and with a very endearing naivety about her (despite her high intellect), Amelie possesses a charisma that is irresistible. She has a peaceful aura, and has a definite presence. She's very approachable and attentive, with excellent manners. She's equally comfortable dressed down for a weekend on a yacht, as she is in her stunning designer frocks for city engagements. Very open and communicative, Amelie is exceptionally enchanting, alternating between playful girl and sophisticated woman. Her love of luxury means she knows how to create a luxurious atmosphere wherever she goes. It also means a little pocket money is in order, hence her approach to the most prestigious introduction agency in Europe, Mynt Models®


Hobbies & Leisure

While elegance and poised, Amelie likes to take care of herself, and eats a balanced diet. She also loves the outdoors, and spends a lot of her fitness activity running. She enjoys being active, and works out at least 4-5 times a week. Like any good French beauty, she enjoys attending to her complexion with facials and beauty treatments, and enjoys regular body polishing to keep her complexion flawless and smooth. Amelie likes to maintain herself in a completely natural condition. Her nails are always immaculately manicured, and her hair is always shining, fresh and perfectly styled. This is a woman who can be comfortable in any situation, but truly deserves to be kept in the finest lifestyle. She makes a most enjoyable dinner date for the successful and intelligent gentleman. Amelie's witty repartee brings a lovely unique angle to any conversation. She's well traveled, making her a wonderful candidate for travel companion requirements also. Is there nothing she can't do?  Contact us now to arrange an appointment with this lovely Parisian beauty.

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4 hours€3000
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24 hours€7000
48 hours€10.000
3 days€14.000
7 days€25.000
14 days€35.000


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4 hours$4200
6 hours$5800
12 hours$7000
24 hours$9000
48 hours$11,500
3 days$13,500
7 days$21,000
14 days$35,000
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