Amber French


Manhattan New York, NYC
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Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 34" C natural, 24", 34" (86-61-86)
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight: 53kg (116lb)


About Amber

Cheerful and energetic Amber is a lovely, light blonde, elite female escort model in NYC. A date for all occasions, she is fit and golden-skinned, with a firm flat stomach and all-natural curves. Her passion for sports and fitness will appeal to the sportive gentleman. While she is quite comfortable and looks sensational in elegant clothing and stylish fashions, Amber tends to feel most relaxed in her jeans. She is an entirely unpretentious, natural beauty. Despite not being able to hide her beauty, and despite her amazing creative intelligence, still, casual is her preference if given a choice.



With a good heart and excellent ethics, this delightfully diligent young sweetheart is a systems programmer. While I have no clue about all those numbers and codes, she is a whiz at computer language, and even creates computer games. Gorgeous AND talented with software? That must be every studious boy's dream.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Amber was initially schooled in elite drama schools, as her parents had aspirations for her to be a performer of some kind. However, shunning the limelight, Amber chose to bury her head in books, and attended a far more prestigious and respectable institution to study computer science - much to her parents' chagrin. But it is her life, and she loves her work in New York, so we think she made the right choice.



Regardless of her studious and intense work life, in her own time Amber is a delightfully witty and mischievous companion. Expect plenty of innuendo and jokes when in the company of this NY angel. Feminine yet confident, you will need to be intellectually adept and poised to really connect with this smarty-pants. :-)  A background in computers or at least a working knowledge of software would help. However if you have no idea about IT, Amber will still find countless subjects with which to enthrall and entertain you.



As mentioned, this active beauty enjoys energetic experiences, so running, triathlons, swimming, and tram sports appeal to her. She also enjoys a lovely drive through the country, a picnic somewhere beautiful, a day out of town, perhaps to a farm. While she does live healthily, she is more mainstream, and is not big on Yoga or 'natural' therapies. A salad with every portion-controlled meal seems to work for her. 'Everything in moderation' as she says, an echo from her ancestors. :-)  While living in NYC, it can be difficult to live a fully organic lifestyle anyway. Especially when one is a bit of a night owl, and keeps odd hours.

Alluring and certainly fun loving, this flirtatious and accepting young model is attentive and sweet. Contact us now to arrange a lovely experience with Amber.


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US $

4 hours$5200
6 hours$7500
12 hours$9500
24 hours$12,000
48 hours$15,500
3 days$18,000
7 days$25,000
14 days$35,000


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