Paige Buchanan


Los Angeles, USA (Available worldwide)
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Vital Statistics

Age: 23 yrs
Measurements: 32" B natural, 24", 34" (82B - 60 - 84)
Height: 5' 7" (168cm)
Weight: 50kg (110lb)


About Paige

The elegant and fun company of Paige is captivating, with her pretty honey-blonde beach looks, firm physique and playful nature. A light hearted and energetic young lady, she's sweet and curious. With experience in the high society world, she is perfect for relaxing on a tropical island and passing the time with interesting chit chat, or entertaining guests at a lively dinner party. While she has yet to complete her degree, we find education is not necessarily a prerequisite for a fascinating woman! A commercial model with a prestigious model agency, she is super-fit and loves to travel. She has a great energy and passion for life, and is exceptionally enjoyable company. Rather magnetic, with a great sense of humor, Paige is the cool bikini babe you wish you could meet at a luxury resort.


Birthplace & Heritage

Born in the USA, raised and residing in sunny LA, Paige has traveled a little and anticipating more! Her exotic heritage has blessed her with light olive golden skin, and her extremely fit and firm physique. With deep sensual eyes and pretty features, she is easy going and relaxed, but certainly never lazy or unkempt. Paige loves her life in LA, and is very attentive to fashion and lifestyle issues. She is a great conversationalist, and very feminine without being too girly. She's close with her family, and has a twin sister, whom also works with us! (Phoebe Buchanan) If you and a friend want a super-fun dinner date, weekend or couple of weeks' vacation, book these luscious sisters and celebrate in LA style!


Ambitions & Education

Paige's modeling career is taking off, (she has been featured in Sports Illustrated as well as on countless commercials and billboards), and she obviously plans to pursue that to the highest extent possible. She loves modeling and is a bubbly, energetic lady for the photographers. Her career is important to her, however she's not obsessed with herself or in the mirror all day. She's quite a thoughtful and caring person, and hopes to use her modeling and potential fame as a platform for doing good. She respects people who respect others, and has a soft spot for fine wine, art and theater. Obviously living in LA she is accustomed to movies, flim makers, celebrities etc. But her interests are more creative than mere fame. That's easy to find, ultimately. Paige is seeking fulfillment, whether that is fame or family, making her ultra-authentic.



Hobbies & Leisure

Modeling is naturally high on her list of things she loves. She's very confident and comfortable with herself, very physical and natural. Her long legs and bright spirit make her perfect for elegant dinners, tropical getaways, super yacht cruising.. as you wish. There's nothing Paige enjoys more than floating about the Mediterranean sunning herself on a yacht, rubbing oil all over her barely-covered body, to improve the view for you! She enjoys all manner of food, and loves Yoga, Pilates, and weights are ways Paige enjoys keeping in shape, as well as dancing of course. Shopping is always enjoyable for any young model from LA, and her refreshing personality devoid of any business-maneuvering, will provide a relaxing environment in which you can decompress. When looking for a way to pass your leisure time, consider booking a very rewarding evening with beautiful Paige. What a wonderful way to waste time! Bewitching, feminine and playful, your worries will be miles away. Contact us now to meet her.



Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.



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