Chloe Markowicz


London, UK (Available worldwide)


Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 35″ C natural, 25″, 35″ (86, 65, 86)
Height: 5′ 10″ (178cm)
Weight: 56kg (124 lbs)


About Chloe

This elegant and enchanting, lithe leggy princess will captivate you. A natural blonde London escort for your elite companion or luxury dinner date will make your stay unforgettable. Intelligent and refined, with high end city and countryside upbringing, Chloe is a delightful companion for the sophisticated gentleman seeking someone with whom to enjoy fascinating conversation. Calm and poised yet engaging, you can expect a most memorable date with this beautiful businesswoman, of Polish heritage. Her warmth and femininity will reassure you of her quality. Shes a joy with whom to spend time, and makes every occasion sparkle. She admires kindness and respect, as these reflect her own nature.



Possessing the quintessential  independence and confidence of a gorgeous Gemini beauty, Chloe loves to travel (with notice), and her expressive eyes will mesmerize you. With her fair, blonde princess looks, Chloe has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and flirt. She can enjoy a relaxed debate on any subject, and has interesting opinions on many topics. Multilingual, with charming manners, her style and elegance will please you as you enjoy her fresh, delightful company.


Background & Education

Always neatly presented and modestly contemporary, Chloe has achieved Medical and Natural Medicine degrees, in addition to business diplomas. She dresses for elegance and class, not for attention; classic designs which reflect her essence - timeless and understated. Her delightful seaside upbringing and wholesome, happy childhood have instilled lovely morals of honesty, respect and kindness in her nature. She also values personal freedom. Chloe recalls a childhood full of sportive activity and fun playful times with her siblings. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe, Chloe has been exposed to culture and believes in authenticity,


More Information

Yoga, gym, running and dancing keep her lithe form in shape. With her forward thinking, open minded philosophy and tolerant, warm heart, Chloe is curious while maintaining a balance of stability. An enigmatic and charismatic young woman, her caring demeanour will relax you quickly. Chloe loves all things seafood and Asian - in fact any food! Her lusty appetite and sensuality means she savours every texture, flavour and scent. She's easy to please at dinner! Speaking Polish, English, Italian and Russian, this bright London lady's shine will endear you to her. Romantic and real, you won't soon forget your date with Chloe. Contact us now to arrange an enjoyable meeting with this lovely London-based businesswoman and read more about the uk escort industry here.


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